Among 300 events worldwide, LIVESTRONG Day events in Japan on official LIVESTRONG blog! To even bigger gatherings next year! Thank you! LIVESTRONG!

Japan went yellow united in the global fight against cancer in honor and memory of loved ones! With the help of LIVESTRONG Leader Jack Brajcich and so many supporters and volunteers, Japan successfully held at least seven LIVESTRONG Day events in three major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Walks, runs, rides and one triathlon! The biggest event was the 3rd annual LIVESTRONG Day Imperial Palace Walk/Run/Ride. A perfect example that anyone can get involved in their own community and make a positive difference for those affected by cancer!

As a grassroots event, it started small with only seven participants in 2009, 35 last year, and now over 100 participants this year! Participants of different nationalities united in the fight against cancer! There were even supporters from countries like Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Italy and the US participating in our event in spirit from their local communities.

We expect to be bigger and stronger even next year!

As a survivor, I’m reminded I’m not alone and further strengthened to beat cancer! For the 28 million cancer survivors like myself, fight on!

Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.

Binzee Gonzalvo

3rd Annual LIVESTRONG Day Imperial Palace Walk/Run/Ride

3rd Annual LIVESTRONG Day Imperial Palace Walk/Run/Ride

* Photo was taken at the LIVESTRONG Day Imperial Palace Walk/Run/Ride by Japan for LIVESTRONG member Takako Inoue.

Other Japan for LIVESTRONG Day event photos can be seen at:

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